Omodos Village

Omodos is located about 42 kilometres north-west of the city of Limassol, in the geographical region of the wine-making villages. It is built near the west bank of the Cha-potami river at an average altitude of 810 meters. The village is surrounded by tall mountaintops, the tallest of which are "Afames" (1153 m.) and "Kremmos of Laona" (Laona's Steep, 1092 m.).

Omodos village was quite probably created at the end of the Byzantine era or the beginnings of the Frank Domination era, after the Pano and Kato (Upper and Lower) Koupetra settlements, found in the east bank of the Cha-potami river, were dissolved. According to tradition, Isaac Comnenos -who was the despot of Cyprus (1185-1191) -found refuge in Koupetra after his defeat by the English King Richard Coeur-de-Lion in Kolossi until Richard summoned him to Limassol for talks and a truce. This means that Koupetra existed in 1191 and dissolved later.

After the break-up of the Koupetra settlements a new settlement was created around the original Holy Cross Monastery, taking the name Omodos.

In any case, the village did exist during the Frank Domination era. De Masse Latri mentions it as a feud. The mediaeval annalist Leondios Machairas reports that Omodos had been granted to the nobleman Jean de Brie by the king of Cyprus, Jacob I, on the occasion of his election in 1832. The village is found marked in old maps as Homodos, Homocios, and Omodos.